Had the Drake spawn yesterday and as I was body pulling him to the ground I’m a rogue , a pally dismounted above him, judged him and bubbled in order to survive fall. I play on Aggramar and there isn’t anyone that have it yet, have been farming thise guy for a couple of days but without any luck. Il faut savoir une chose, le proto-drake perdu dans le temps, partage son apparition avec un autre dragon, Vyragosa , qui lui ne donne rien. Tous les commentaires Top commentaires. All of these above named times were from us killing the mob unless otherwise stated.

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C’était vraiment un coup de chance quand je vois que certains ont mis des mois Commentaire de Amplified I have a problem with how my mobs disappear from my screen very tempw, for example I can see like wyrms flying around when Im on the edge of the engine of the makers. Je sais pas ce qui est plus grand, la rareté de la monture ou l’amertume de l’avoir vu passé sous mes yeux bon nombre de fois! Finally, run the client. Mieux vaut ls toutes les chances de son côté. Commentaire de kidrocket12 HI all, Can someone please answer me this?

Volant autour du Temple des Tempêtes, de Brunnhildar et prdu Fort-du-Givre, ce proto-drake de couleur jaune a une réputation insaississable. Après avoir passé plusieurs mois dans les Pics Foudroyés et avoir croisé quelques protos et des dizaines de Vyragosa j’ai remarquer un chose interessante. Vandrill H Server Time: Vyragosa spawned for med Killed Vyragosa at Engine of the Makers,right outside the elemental cave.


addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

Upon coming home and checking the macro to see if the reigns have been dropped, low and behold he appeared and someone bagged him while I was gone right where I was camped. Commentaire de Orgonin My friend is spawn camping it right now. Yes you do have to spend 5k gold to ride him Also he doesn’t count for the « Kill a rare spawn in northrend » achievement but does drop similar loot to the other rares found in northrend.

Tous les commentaires Top commentaires. So i flew up to it to get it’s aggro, and then i flew straight down to draie ground so i could start dpsing it. If it were a male blue dragon, the name would be Vyragos. Commentaire de MihaiLung My personal suggestion is to go level from in Storm Peaks and create a macro: Maybe I’m doing everything wrong?

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

Don’t remember what else dropped other than the mount and the bag of random loot. I’m not taking it as being true, but from what I’ve read, there may be a connection. I did about 2 passes using his coordinates and I almost dwns a heart attack when I actually targeted him.

Not just the Proto-drake. Commentaire de barrett Is this mob a dragonkin or what is it classified as? My guildie that had gotten him about a week ago had seen him when he was on the flight path to Gromarsh Crash site, we went to Bor’s Breath and waited for about 5 minutes since that is where my guildie killed him last time. Commentaire de djrib Comment on la trouve svp?

Rênes de proto-drake perdu dans le temps

He was rather high up, but it’s easy to get him to the ground without any risk or tricks by simply flying through him. Et continuez ainsi jusqu’à obtenir votre précieux!


Thanks for your help! He was just over the cave when I spotted him 40 yards off the ground.

Proto-drake perdu dans le temps

You won’t auto log out while using this, so for those of you with the computer in your bedroom, you will hear it when a dragon passes by during the night. Vyragosa however spawned exactly on the hour 20 hours after TLPD was killed. The Time-lost Proto Drake was killed at En attendant, voici le guide vidéo que j’a réalisé en mais qui est toujours viable: Oh yeah and something helpful Do you need to have the zone shiftet to Sons of Hodir in order to find the spawn?

Commentaire de Otacon Looked around the engine of the makers as soon i found out this drop and to my great surprise, there it was, flying among the blue dragons.

Le Protodrake perdu dans le temps – Millenium

I know I will need it! I can confirm that this is one of the most rare mobs in the game. Commentaire de Razorfang I found today Vyragosa at Les pops des deux mobs sont liés, ce n’est pas seulement l’un ou l’autre qui apparait mais ils sont bien liés. Le trajet du Proto-Drake Le proto-drake perdu dans le temps suit 4 parcours différents, représentés sur la figure dsns.